Grants and future projects opportunities

–  I’m quite amazed that thee is so many of them. From the first look – Ian Perry grant looks good to me. “The Ian Parry Scholarship is designed to award young documentary photographers with a bursary that will enable them to undertake a chosen project and raise their profile in the international photographic community. It is for for young photographers who are either attending a full-time photographic course or are under 24, and is worth £3,500.”

– There is one of 2000£ but for overseas projects, That might be done in future

16 Organizations that Want to Fund Your Photography Project

 This one looks interesting to me

  • Open Society’s Documentary Photography Project

    Awarding grants to both individuals and organizations, Open Society’s Documentary Photography Project supports photography to mobilize people around issues of justice and human rights. In contrast to many photography funders, they offer support of projects beyond documentary photography and encourage projects also around civic engagement, education, media attention, advocacy and reform. Check out their schedule for upcoming entry deadlines.


Final Evaluation

This is usable images from which I’ll choose a final selection.



In post production I’ve :

sharpen / straighten some / adjusted levels / done slight colour correction on few / lens correction / reduced shadows / suppressed blacks / added clarity / desaturated them

It resulted in effect I wanted similar which I find in a photographic magazine, bright desaturated images but very sharp. Unfortunately I could not find any information about how to achieve such a process on line so this was by customizing settings myself.

I like the effect it creates a coherent body of work, in this project colours and contrast where not playing mayor part that is why I suppressed them this resulted in lines and compositions playing mayor part. I think there is few images where there is colour play like the red chair against the wall or the red bin near the door but even with the desaturated colours red is so profound it does work.

I’ve used mostly f8 or higher in order to have everything in focus. This is social documentary work and that is why I did not wanted to hide anything and did not use shallow depth of field. This and the  resulted in compositions having a lot of layers combined with the colour effect has inpact on viewers of repetiotion isolation sometimes cloustrophobic.

Some images are very open and then some like doors or peoples front garden very closed this says there is not much escape, hope, there is nowhere to go. Even if You find a bit of land there a fence on it saying private property. The two areas I shoot Holmewood and White Abbey ( Maningham ) have many similarities and they have almost characteristics of a compound.

With this project, I tried to find beauty in ugly, individuality in repetition and correlation between the architecture and community.

After further research and looking more and more at my images I made my final selection of 26 images which represent and in my opinion talk about the issue.

Chosen images represent the area, I made compromise with just one or two images representing people in the environment, city escapes representing the area, depicting repetition and I came close to peoples houses playing on the individual accents like gardens or laundry, then more images of the road showing the labyrinth of paths which lead to another repetitive number of houses or some kind of forgotten shop or empty building.  In this highly urban area where houses are almost merged together privacy plays a big role this is another manifest of individuality – those are represented by image of doors with brutal concrete extension of walls.

I think there is a bit Donowan Wyle  in my images – the repitition and compositions especialy found in his work the Maze ( )

Also a bit of British social documentary of 90’s like Paul Graham or this photographer who was highlighted in feedback – Reymond Depardon  .

Additional research on the subject

Scott Benedict captures the raw concrete of the Cité Rateau housing estate in Paris

  •  article on photos of architecture in Paris.

  •  ugly new beutifull about latest trends in Art – not so much relevant to my project.

Finding beauty in the mundane: a challenge

  •   photographer sharing his experience and approach to photography of the city

  • another article with examples of photographing ugly in a beautiful way

Laurent Kronental’s Souvenir d’un Futur photos show Paris’ monumental housing estates

  • This is another project in France some futuristic estates play of architecture and setting person in it, it’s not exactly what I do by there some similarities in terms of subject mater I think. –  “These large housing projects are often criticised, they fascinate or bother but leave no one indifferent. Their size reminds me of Colossus. There is an unsettling paradox of life and void. Multifaceted social housing projects; sometimes deserted, sometimes filled with life.”

  • This project is very similar to mine in terms of some images and subject matter, it even have the same title and also tries to find individuality in repetition. “I live in one of those and I notice how many people tend to give their buildings a bit of personality: usually it’s about how you paint your front door or the way you taking care of your hedge (and there are some serious artists around…).”



What could go better. Overall I’m happy from the images they are strong compositions in my opinion but I could explore the subject matter further do more on the ground resarch ,speak more with people get involved with community centre etc. I would’ve like to genereta more time and spend few more days on shooting the areas maybe find more similiar estetes or just concentrate on one. I’ve posted resarch about grants for projects like that from the start I’ve should aply for one of those that was a big mistake as even if I would be rejected I’d have more experience in such a matter and the issues in brief would be cleraer for me as I’d have to work also towards the brief in the grant. Also, I wished I would’ve to contact more photographer working in this kind genre and have consulted with them.



Outcome 4

During the course I’ve been actively engaging in many activities and performing many tasks within the team. As a team member I’ve operated camera, assisted with reflectors and light, operated capture one and been helping preparing objects.




Also during my other photo shoots I’ve been in different team roles, with pizza pieces camping I been consulting , operating camera and assisting same with the projects done for the make up artists. I think I’m a good team player and operate well within the team as long their is clear vision of goals. I often like to take lead as well usually when the direction of the team is lost but I’m always open for any ideas enabling others to feel as members of a team with a strong input.

Outcome 3

I have consulted my project with tutors and received lots of guidelines in terms where the project might go. I’ve also put my work on social media in order to have feedback. I’ve engaged with two local photographers to talk about my project – they are Tim Smith  ( and John Bolloten ( As my project was just recently finished I’ve not managed to get any feedback from them as yet.

Also, if I would be in better financial circumstances I would like to upload my images on photography website where membership is paid so my work gets more exposed -that would be shutter hub, red eye etc. I would send the project for competitions like Magnum photos through Lens culture or AOP or BJP as they provide also professional feedback with the entry. First, I need to be more confident with my work get more feedback do more research – come back to places I shoot, just generate more time to spend on this and then send my images further.

In terms of cross-referencing from other modules. The activities mentioned above are part of my  plan and research presented on PDP. The subject matter is very relevant to my research and essay presented for context module as I wrote about photography and social change. TP research had an impact on the final look of my images as I used customs settings in editing to have the desired effect.

Here is the feedback I received on-line, I’ve also posted my work on the internal college photography group but had no answer as yet.

Evaluation of the project

My first session took place in Holmewood, I really enjoyed the session unfortunately I could not have direct contact in terms of photography with local people. Some of them where hostile towards me taking images, taking into account previous research about the crime in the area and what info I gathered from word of mouth and as I was on my own, I did not want to push it. I spoke with people at youth community centre, unfortunately they worked with difficult youth and photographing them was also not available. If there would be more time I would probably contact more local centres and engage with locals a bit more in order to persuade people to pose for me and maybe get the access to some of activities going around the place. But that would take a lot of time which unfortunately I did not have, so in order to meet deadlines I had to move project a bit. When shooting I was drifted toward the similarity of houses, trying to find individuality in it, trying to discover beauty in ugly. Despite in the images people don’t play main role, they present as I’m photographing their houses, the gardens accenting individuality of every one. That allows audience to imagine people living in those houses, there is not one face that can be put to my images, it ‘s more about community and how it represents itself outside.

I’ve done some on line consultations about the project.


Outcome 2


Ability to work independently and collaboratively to locate their work in a wider, industrial context and generate external opportunities whilst working to own and others’ deadlines and constraints, and to record and critically reflect on its effectiveness. (C3)

In terms of collaborations I’ve done 3 projects (photography sessions) collaboratively with other people. One was the work advertising campingh with Cahhapel Street stuido for pizza pieces, this was the biggest collaborative work of this year so far. I’ve worked with the owner and advert campaingh cordinator exchanging ideas and working towards common goal, arranging all the things we need for the shoot like props etc. I worked with my peer Anna on the shoot exchanging roles – photographer / assistant.

So on my side I had to coordinate the shoot plan and execute it, I think it was good a lot of great experience and images for portfolio, there is always field for improvement but it was not far off professional services.  All the equipment worked and was in place, props worked, we meet the deadlines. This was just before me going to Poland for Easter (3 weeks). So we had to do it before hand as the images needed to be delivered for print.

With images on memory cards I could edit them back home and send over we transfer to meet the deadlines.

This is was small scale advert campaign in terms of advertising food and take away, commercial context is obvious as we’ve been paid for this.

The work was excellent everybody done their bit and it was fun working with creative people full of ideas. Everybody was professional and almost self managing as the goal and direction for this project where clear.

Pizza project


Pizza pieces Menu Design c

The other two shoots I’ve done was make up artists where we exchanged ideas and approaches to the subject matter there had to be some middle ground as for me it’s about images that impact viewer, for them this is secondary objective as they need evidence of the work they did on the course. I think that worked very well and we stroke the balance here. I’ve meet all the deadlines – students needed images quite quickly and I’ve provided edited images within couple of days, I’ve received good reviews and establish myself as a person with professional approach. So this also opens me the doors to commercial opportunities. This is studio work which is also very important to me.

Pls find some images below.


Evidence of communication.